It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year; that's approximately 2.700.000 paper coffee cups thrown out every day. 

Most cups are lining with plastic and paper and all of them are thrown into the landfill.

It takes 30 years to decompose and the new bio/ eco cups still need more than one year to break down.

Most people don’t know coffee cups can be processed and recycled.

 We can stop this waste,

We can recycle the coffee cups and help turn the paper into plants, and recycle the plastic into other products.

 Eco enviro concepts have the vision to introduce recycled and compostable materials back into our household lives. 

We design products  that minimize waste;

 recycle and compostable is our priority.

We make products for the people by the people.




..."Any material can be recycled, essentially a material is recyclable if there is a production circuit that can be taken as an input and  it's value  perceived as an economic input..."




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