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Germination herbs box

Germination herbs box

SKU: 011

Germination herbs box come with six germination cubes and different options of seeds that you can choose from the option list. They are compostable and  help to save 10 disposable coffee cups from landfill .

Size:4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Time required 7 days to 15 days

Quantity: 6 germination cubes with different seeds

Only use water + sun + love !

Keep indoor+moist and feed with seasol once a week until established and transfer into the ground to complete descomposition.

Herbs 2: Thyme
Herbs 3
Herbs 4
  • How to use it?

    1-Take slowly the stickers name and save them for labelling.

    2-Soak only the Eco-Cube in water for 1 minute.

    3-Place the pot/box in a warm sunny spot indoor (ideal near the window) and water once a day until the seed has germinated (help with Seasol). 

    (You can use the pot for 2 months before transplanted into the ground and 15 days for the germination box).

    4-Once the seed has sprouted and hardened, transplant Eco-cube into the ground or Eco-Pot, and ensure Eco-Cube is buried enough to be completely covered with soil or potting mix.

    As the plant grows, the Eco-Cube degrades into the soil.

    Important:It is a germination process seeds must to continue covered for the material.Vigorous plant growth depends on soil quality and regular watering.

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