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Eco-Pot  is the best option  for people that like to have  a outdoor garden patio. You can germinate  seeds in the pot or use a  Germination Eco-Cube before transferring into pot of your choice.

Help to save 45  disposable coffee cups from landfill

Size:  12cm x 12cm 

Seeds (you can choose your pack depending on stock) Basil-Rosemary-Oregano-Parsley-Corianda-Thyme- Rocket-Capsicum-Chili-Tomato Cherry-Carrot-Chives-Strawberries-Mushrooms-Australian Flowers-Alisum-Charmoline.Approximate period of the pot before transplanting into the soil is 1-3 months (maintain with Seasol).Once plant has established, it is recommended to transplant Eco-Pot as soon as possible for degrades.

SKU: 001
  • How to use?

    1.Soak only the Eco-Cube in water for 1 minute.

    2.Place the pot in a warm sunny spot and  water once a day until seed has germinated (help with Seasol).You can use  the pot for 2 moths before transplante into the ground.

    3.Once seed has sprouted and hardened,transplant Eco-cube into the ground or Eco-Pot, and ensure Eco-Cube is buried enough to be completely covered with soil or potting mix to start degrades process.

    4.As the plant grows, the Eco-Cube degrades into the soil.

    Vigorous plant groth depends on soil quality and regular watering.